Cydar EV - the world’s first AI-powered image fusion platform

Easy to use

Easy to use

Clear user interface with reliable visualisations

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Our software runs on the hardware you already have, fits into your current workflow

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

Cloud based software is always kept up to date

How Cydar EV works

CT scans into 3D models

First, we convert preoperative CT Scans into 3D models using our patented computer vision AI - running in the Cydar Cloud Vault.

In the operating room

When a surgeon is ready to operate, they simply start the Cydar app, select the correct patient’s profile, and Cydar is ready to go.

Model pre-operative CT overlay anatomy

Generated from pre-operative CT scans and automatically aligned to patients vertebra with cutting edge AI for millimetre precision and total confidence.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Dynamic Morphology Correction

When stiff wires have caused the anatomy to deform, use numbered grab handles to control the deformable model to match the real-time patient anatomy. Our AI remembers the adjusted model’s position within 3D space to perfectly match the anatomy.

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Physician training

The Cydar EV physician training is fast and simple, just watch our short video tutorial.

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Patient information leaflet

Explore more about the technology being used in your operation.

Patient information PDF