Advancing the
quality of care

Cydar Medical provides regulated cloud-based AI clinical applications within an enterprise data architecture to support healthcare organizations in the provision of improved outcomes in image-guided surgery.

Our Value proposition

Cydar Medical is dedicated to partnering with healthcare organizations to provide patient care at scale, streamlining the workflow of clinical teams and optimizing resource allocation.

Hub-Spoke Connectivity

Ensure rapid, high-quality treatment and collaboration with your multidisciplinary teams through a coordinated shared environment.

Predictability of Outcomes

Support clinician-devised treatment strategies by referencing Cydar Medical’s generated global database.

Simplified Workflow

Remove the gaps between planning, navigation and review of image-guided procedures with one seamless integrated system.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Business Intelligence dashboard for unique operational data insights

Hospital Data Ownership

The hospital maintains complete control over their data at all times.

Democratization of Care

Make global best practices and the latest technologies available to all.

Our Healthcare Solution

Founded and operating within a global framework of industry regulatory compliance, Cydar Medical’s solution combines the power and flexibility of cloud AI technologies with the human expertise to assist smooth integration, adoption and ongoing support.

AI Clinical Applications

System Integration

Customer Support

Cydar Medical’s AI Clinical Applications

Leveraging the latest AI technology and bringing a new level of healthcare capabilities.

Aiding effective  collaboration

Enabling the sharing of knowledge and information is at the centre of Cydar Medical’s approach to advancing the quality of care.


Cydar has taken our capabilities to the next level and improved our ability to treat more complex disease and has expanded our capabilities of treatment.

Dr. Andrew Barleben MD
Vascular Surgeon, University of California, San Diego, US

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