AI technology focusing on
quality of care drives roi

providing insights from learnings through data analysis

By utilizing cloud technology, our solution provides enhanced data security, scalability, and reliability, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver more efficient, accurate, and patient-centered care.

Financial Advantages

Maximize ROI in operating room investment

Reduce capital expense on hardware and software upgrades, and minimize operational expenses associated with system maintenance and downtime.

Reduce waste and increase operational efficiencies

The advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities contribute to continuous quality improvement in healthcare processes.

Increase clinical and operational productivity

Streamlined operations and enhanced procedural workflow lends to a more organized and coordinated work environment.

More effective and optimized patient outcomes

The accuracy of personalized treatment leads to improved patient outcomes which drives shorter hospital stays and reduced readmissions.

Operational Advantages

Optimized planning for tailored patient treatment

Objective image analysis helps clinicians better understand patient anatomy and disease patterns, aiding in the planning of tailored treatment options.

Identify areas of quality improvement

By analyzing patient outcomes data over time, hospitals can identify early warning signs of emerging healthcare trends and take proactive steps to prevent them.

Aid effected team communication and collaboration

High-fidelity remote access to procedures allows your team to be proctored from anywhere or used to scale training efforts.

Access to the latest technology while protecting patient privacy

With our enhanced data security and compliance measures, you can be confident that patient data is always secure and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Clinical Advantages

Accuracy at every stage of the patient treatment pathway

Overlays the pre-operative anatomy and plan with an accuracy of 2mm or better and >99.8% confidence that it is accurately aligned. Map automatically updates to changes in patient anatomy.

Collaboration and co-ordination

Tools to facilitate collaboration for planning and intraoperative proctoring, no longer limited by physical presence.

Safer Procedures

Minimize contrast use and significantly reduce radiation exposure (fluoroscopy time, DAP and Air Kerma), by up to 50%.

Shorter Procedure Times

Shorten procedure duration by up to 20%.