Hear directly from our customers

“Cydar has taken our capabilities to the next level and improved our ability to treat more complex disease and has expanded our capabilities of treatment”

Dr. Andrew Barleben, MD. Vascular Surgeon, University of California, San Diego, US


“This is essential technology for complex EVAR/ FEVAR and B-EVAR programs.”

Professor Murray Shames, Vascular Surgeon, University South Florida


“I can say unequivocally that the technology (Cydar Maps) has been disruptive for us in improving the safety for our faculty, patients and staff in our OR.”

Dr. Mahmoud Malas, Chief of Vascular Surgery, University of California San Diego


“I’m so impressed that I wish I would have said yes to this sooner but the technology that is available now is really I think outstanding, and I would highly encourage my colleagues to take a look and see how it will impact their patient care.”

Dr. Ross Milner, MD. Chief of Vascular Surgery, University Chicago Med.


“Tesla isn’t a car company but a software company, Cydar isn’t a device but a system that learns and gets better over time. It is perfectly aligned to anatomy and can adapt to changes.”

Dr. Jan Heyligers, Vascular Surgeon, Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital, Tilburg, Netherlands


“Cydar’s imaging fusion guidance has demonstrated a huge benefit at our centre –especially during complex endovascular repair – in terms of facilitating navigation and cannulation and saving procedure time, contrast agent and X-rays”

Professor Blandine Maurel, Vascular Surgeon, CHU de Nantes, France


“Cydar EV Maps is extremely accurate, allowing an almost contrast free embolization and the deployment of the endograft with little contrast use. It also reduces drastically the amount of radiation received by the patient and the physicians.”

Dr. Gabriel Inaraja Pérez, Vascular Surgeon, Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa, Zaragoza, Spain


“Who said that you can’t have image fusion with artificial intelligence in a non-hybrid operating room? Cydar technology is continuously updating and developing new tools.”

Dr. Omar Andreas, Vascular Surgeon, Hospital Universitari Dr.Josep Trueta de Girona


“What impressed me about Cydar is the ease of use of the system. For those hospitals where there is no dedicated staff available for segmentation, this make it much easier for the operator who is limited for time.”

Professor Tilo Kolbel, Vascular Surgeon, University of Hamburg, Germany


“Cydar integrated really easy with our system so I would say there was no learning curve. It is very easy to use, very easy to understand how to adjust. I think It is a very easy and simple tool to really help us to be more accurate, save radiation and save contrast medium to our patients.”

Professor Andrej Schmidt, Vascular Surgeon, University Clinic Leipzig, Germany


“It was quicker than the first procedure (without Cydar Maps) despite using more complex techniques because we had to perform less acquisitions and we were more confident in our positions.”

Dr. Katharine Lewis, Interventional Radiologist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


“Cydar Medical is a company for me that has introduced the subject that other companies talk about. Other companies plan the application of artificial intelligence and you have been doing it already for a number of years. ”

Dr Wojciech Derwich, Vascular Surgeon, University Hospital Goethe University Frankfurt Germany