Cydar Medical’s AI Enterprise Architecture

A solution to connect care teams  provide the right information to the team at the right time, increasing the efficiency of treatment and optimising resource use across hospitals and health systems


Financial Advantages

Reducing capital expenditures on hardware and software upgrades, and minimize operational expenses associated with system maintenance and downtime.


Boosting hospital performance with streamlined operations and enhanced workflow through a more coordinated work environment.

Clinical Advantages

Turning valuable insights into best practices with more tailored treatment options to improve patient outcomes.

Cydar Ai Clinical Applications

Invest in the future of patient care with the latest AI innovations in medical technology.

Cydar integrated really easy with our system so I would say there was no learning curve. It is very easy to use, very easy to understand how to adjust. I think It is a very easy and simple tool to really help us to be more accurate, save radiation and save contrast medium to our patients.

Professor Andrej Schmidt
Vascular Surgeon, University Clinic Leipzig, Germany