Integration & support

Our approach to working with customers

We have assembled a team of professionals to support the implementation of Cydar Hospital Solution in your facility. With our extensive pool of experts and industry specialists, we are fully equipped to make the integration process seamless and stress-free.

Our approach is highly customer-focused, as we customize our services to match your unique requirements. From cloud connectivity engineers to data protection, legal, compliance, and technical installation experts, our dedicated team will work collaboratively with your hospital team from planning to installation and training. You can trust us to provide comprehensive support every step of the way.​

Project Success

Streamlining Planning and Contracting​

In the initial stage of the project, we provide comprehensive assistance for your hospital’s data protection, and information security review process. Our objective is to guide your team  through the internal hospital processes reviewing our solution, streamlining the approval and sign-off of the Cydar Solution.

the Right Setup

Navigating IT Configuration and Operating Room Planning for Project Success

Our team of cloud connectivity engineers will collaborate with the hospital’s IT department about the necessary requirements for the Cydar Solution. Moreover, our technical installation experts will conduct a thorough scoping of the room to plan and prepare for a seamless installation process.​

Preparing for Integration

Seamless Installation of Cydar Hospital Solution

The technical installation experts will schedule time in the room to install and test Cydar hardware prior to go live and in collaboration with our Cloud Ops team, validating  your distinct hospital room set-up so your Cydar Solution is ready.

Building Expertise

Effective online training and user mastery of Cydar applications

Our comprehensive self-directed training program and instructions for use is designed to empower your hospital staff to effectively use Cydar’s AI Clinical Applications with ease and convenience.

To ensure a smooth transition, we provide remote interactive training sessions and remote in-surgery support.

Throughout your journey with Cydar Medical, we are always on-hand for clinical user support.

For any technical queries, please email Cydar Support at