Cydar Medical’s AI Clinical Healthcare SOLUTION

Founded and operating within a global framework of industry regulatory compliance, Cydar Medical’s solution combines the power and flexibility of cloud AI technologies with the human expertise to assist smooth integration, adoption and ongoing support.

AI Clinical Applications

We place patient features, clinical decisions and device attributes in a database of historical outcomes, which is referenced in the creation of surgical maps to provide assistance in decision-making.

AI clinical enterprise architecture

Enable deployment of clinical applications directly into the operating room with the flexibility of access remotely from any web device at any time.

Support Specialists​

Our teams of experts and industry specialists are trained to make the integration process seamless and stress-free.

I’m so impressed that I wish I would have said yes to this sooner but the technology that is available now is really I think outstanding, and I would highly encourage my colleagues to take a look and see how it will impact their patient care.

Dr. Ross Milner MD
Chief of Vascular Surgery, University Chicago Med.


 Our team is committed to delivering results and providing exceptional service to help ensure the success of your project.


Our solution for case planning, navigation and review has the benefit of bringing a new level of healthcare capabilities by simplifying your workflow, facilitating team communication and driving efficiencies in the operating room.


Together with our experienced multidisciplinary team of highly trained experts, we are here to provide a smooth experience from start to finish.


Our team is on hand to quickly resolve issues and even prevent them from occurring. No matter your field of expertise (IT, Clinician, Administrator), we have the understanding and support to make your experience with us convenient, efficient and personalised.