Integrated applications for endovascular care designed to streamline and optimize the clinical workflow. The applications automate processes, significantly reducing cognitive fatigue and eliminating unnecessary steps, resulting in a smoother and more efficient workflow for the clinican and team.

Pre-operative Planning

Intra-operative Navigation

Post-operative Review

it was quicker than the first procedure (without Cydar Maps) despite using more complex techniques because we had to perform less acquisitions and we were more confident in our positions.

Dr. Katharine Lewis
Interventional Radiologist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


  • Make a plan for surgery that has anatomy, wires and devices in a ‘map’.
  • See real-world data to help inform decisions when making the map.
  • Securely collaborate online with other clinical experts.


  • No special expertise required.
  • On-screen map improves situational awareness for the team in the OR.
  • Computer vision overlays the map on live X-ray feed with exceptional accuracy and confidence.
  • Update the map if soft tissues deform.
  • Securely share your screen with remote clinical experts.
  • Integrates with all X-ray sets and OR configurations.

Outcome review

  • Review patient outcomes alongside the plan and intraoperative events.
  • AI tools assist clinical analysis of outcomes.

Hear from clinicians

The Cydar Companion App brings you a new level of convenience.

  • Secure, effective and timely communication to Cydar Support with talk-to-text and photo attachments.
  • Stay informed with real-time notifications.
  • Cydar Authenticator (2FA).


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